Useful tips to date a cougar woman Part 1

Dating a cougar woman isn’t that easy. It required lot of things to be a perfect companion for older woman. Dating a older woman is somehow tricky and you have to manage things to make it simple and helpful for you and your cougar partner. Dating is always fun loving and full of excitement that brings some extra spice in your love life.

Not every cougar women are of same type and looking for the same thing from their dating partner. Some are looking for casual dating or one night stand and the joy that a cub will provide them in that single date. Few cougar women are not interested in any sexual encounter in beginning and looking for a long term relationship between a cougar and a cub. No matter to whom you are dating and what exactly your cougar woman wants from you. It is quite sure that you must need some expert tips to make your cougar date a success one. If you haven’t date a cougar woman till yet and it’s being your first time, than it’s sure that you need some expert advice or tips to make your cougar dating a successful one.

Here are the best tips that will certainly help you to impress your cougar woman and will make your cougar date the best one that you can remember for years.

Show her how confident you are – when you are dating an older woman, you must have confidence in you to make the things normal. If you are feeling shy in front of her, than definitely you are not sure about your choice. Either you are confused about cougar dating or maybe you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. You never be a shy or remain the same when you are with a cougar woman. Cougar’s love the boldness in cubs and the confidence that takes them to next level to win their first cougar date. If you are not confident or your confidence is quite low while dating a cougar woman, you are not a perfect cougar’s cub material. So, if you want to be a best cub for your cougar, it is quite important to show your confidence and excitement when you are spending time with her or going to meet her for the very first time.

Never label or tag an older woman – when you are dating an older woman, it is quite important not to use the term ‘cougar’ for them. We know that cougar is the word for those but some cougar woman are quite sensitive and may feel this term as an insult. So, if you don’t want to face any embarrassing or weird situation, avoid the term cougar in front of your cougar date and never labeled them with any other insulting or disrespecting term.

Dating a cougar is quite different than any other regular dating. So you must know before these things when you are dating a cougar.