Dating tips for young cubs – Cougar dating

Dating an older woman is quite one of the most desired fantasy for almost every young cub. They often dream about having a wild and passionate sex with cougar woman. However, dating an older woman isn’t quite easy and you need to be sure about yourself that you are able to impress her in bed as well as in social. Cougar woman are more sincere as compare to young woman and they expect that their dating partner must show the same and respect them as well. 

Dating a cougar woman isn’t only mean that you are good in bed, there are many other aspects too that you have to think about while dating with cougar woman. If you are looking to date a cougar woman and it’s quite your first and don’t know how to proceed, here are the best cougar tips for young cubs that are interested in cougar dating and looking for older woman to fulfill their sexual fantasies. 

When you date an older woman, it is quite important that that you don’t have to say her older or realize her that she is getting old and you are still young for her. This is quite one of the most important rule in cougar dating that you should never say your cougar partner an older lady. You must treat her like she is having the same age as you are. Make her feel special when you are with her or going out for a date with your cougar woman.

You must respect her. The extra age brings the experience in relationship and you will have that benefit when you are dating a cougar woman. You must respect the age difference and spend some time with her in beginning instead of being eager to share a bed with her. Pay attention what she says about her experience and achievements, when you both are comfortable with each other, you will also ask her about past relationships or breakup if you think that the time is right to ask these sensitive questions. There may be many stories based on her personal experience, so keep your patience on and show her deep interest in her instead of ignoring her experience and make any assumptions about your cougar woman and her past.

Show the passion and the excitement in bed – making extra efforts in bed will save your cougar dating as this is quite mandatory when you are dating a cougar woman. It’s quite a big misconception between young cubs that they don’t need to make any extra efforts in bed to impress their cougar date as cougar woman only looking for sex at this age and it doesn’t matter how it’s going. If you are thinking about the same than for sure, your cougar date won’t go for long and you will soon be rejected or ditched by your cougar woman. Cougar woman are super excited about having a passionate sex with their partner.

When you are dating a cougar woman, it’s quite important to know the requirement of your cougar partner.