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Things you can do to make other people like you

Whether others like you or not is not entirely in your control, but you can positively influence their decisions. When you are with them, smiling and maintaining a happy mood will increase the chance that someone will like you whether it is a new friend or a romantic person. It is also a good idea to understand their interests and let them talk. In any case, be sure to be yourself. If they don’t like you, they are not worth your effort anyway! Here are several tips to let people like you and maybe have a one night hookup.

Maintain good personal hygiene. Before you meet this person, pay attention to the basic neatness: shower, comb, brush, clean the teeth, use deodorant, and put on clean clothes. You can also chew mint gum and gently spray perfume or cologne. You will feel great when you look and smell the best. Therefore, you will become more confident and more loved by others. Here is the best older women dating site.

Smile when you see them. A true smile conveys interest and excitement to each other, so when you say hello to them, reveal your pearly white teeth. When you see that person, smiles will make you look more attractive and likable. Find one night hookup on hook up apps.

Show good posture and use body language. How you keep your body can make you look more confident and encourage others to approach you. Sit straight, pull your shoulders back and lift your chin. Release your arms and legs and make eye contact. You can also put your hands on your hips or put your arms behind your head to form an inverted triangle, which makes you look more confident. Find cougars on older women dating site.

No matter what posture you choose, make sure it is relaxed, not forced. Forced body language looks awkward, making people feel that you are pretending. When you are alone, you may want to practice open, confident body language.

Remember their names and some things about them. Remembering and using someone else’s name will make them feel special, so use them often in conversations. You can also show that you like them by following up on some little information you know about them. For example, you can say, “Hey, Bob! How is the exam going?” If you talked about it last time you mentioned it.

Don’t track them online to understand their interests. If you start talking to them about the hobbies they have while have never told you, the situation may become embarrassing. They may also come to the conclusion that you have an unhealthy interest in them.

Respect the boundaries and personal spaces of others. You want to increase the chances of others like you by avoiding any embarrassment or discomfort. When you realize their private space, stand at least one arm away. Also, don’t spy on their private affairs or ask sensitive questions. Once you are sure that the other person likes you, you can walk closer in the conversation. Very easy to find someone on tinder hookup apps.

Common Mistakes That Every Young Guy Did While Dating an Older Woman Part – 2

Dating an older woman is not an easy thing especially when you are going out with her for the very first time. Being a young cub, it is quite obvious that you are bit nervous and put some extra efforts of yours to impress her in your first cougar dating. But when you are trying some extra things to impress her,  most guys do some silly and common mistakes in cougar dating that are quite not acceptable when you are dating an older woman. Find mature cougars on older women dating site.

So, if you are dating an older woman, you must know what things you should say to her and what are those things that might make her uncomfortable or upset? Before knowing about what to say and what not, it is quite important to know the difference about cougar dating and other regular dating. You must keep in mind that mature dating is not as same as other regular dating and those tips and tricks that you use to impress your other teen age girls won’t help you here in your cougar dating. You must know that cougar women are mature and well experienced and knows most of the things about life and relationship.So, you must be very wise while sharing anything in order to impress her on your first date.  Find mature cougars on older women dating site. In order to impress a cougar woman, most guys do silly mistakes and you must know about these silly mistakes and never do that whenever you are dating an older woman and trying to impress her. Here are the common mistakes that will surely help you to impress your cougar woman. In our previous post, we already discussed few points that what you should not do,here are few more points. Follow these points and avoid doing such mistakes if you really want to impress your cougar woman.

Never make her feel that she is getting old – whenever you are going out with a sudy cougar woman make her feel special and show your eternal love to her. Never ever make her feel that she is getting old and she is not that beautiful now that she use to be before in her early years. Avoid any backhanded compliments. Find mature cougars on older women dating site. Be sure that you are not saying anything about her age,her body, wrinkles in her face or anything that make her feel old. If you are doing this, this will make her feel uncomfortable with you and might also leave you quite early without spending much time with you.

Never ask anything about her past relationship or about her family –There are many guys that try to go personal but in cougar dating, you are not allowed to go personal and ask any sensitive questions to your cougar date. It is advised to never ask anything about her past dating relationship or anything about her family, kids or anything that make her uncomfortable or she don’t want to talk about.

These are the common mistakes that most young cubs do when they are dating an older woman. Find mature cougars on older women dating site.

Why should I date an older woman instead of young teen age girl – Cougar dating

Dating is fun and everyone has its own choice to which he/she will date. I also love dating and I love cougar hook up dating. Presence of older women drives me crazy but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t date teen age girls in my life. Let me tell you that I’ve dated many girls till now and my first date was a teen age girl that shares the same age of mine. She is my batch mate actually and we spend some quality time together.
Dating older women is my passion. My friends often says me that why I am always eager to date an older woman rather than a young teen age girls as there is more potential in young teen age girl than older woman. So, here is my reply to my friends that why I love dating older women instead of younger girls. Here are the most relevant reasons that will amaze you.
Older women are attractive and appealing sexier in bed – when you are sharing a bed with an older women, you will find that they are more appealing and attractive. They know what to do and how to please men in bed. In other words, older women are experienced and know what to do and how to make things entertaining. You don’t need to do anything extra as she will guide you the best in bed. On the other hand, teen age girl will feel shy and won’t be open up with you about her requirement or what she want from you when you are in bed with her. She may hide her feelings with you.
You don’t have to worry about her expenses – when you are dating a young teen age girl that is always out of money or no money. You have to take care of her expenses and all other financial requirements when you are dating her. While making any plan to go out for picnic and have fun, you have to bear all the expenses when you are dating silver singles. But on the other hand, cougar women have savings with her and you don’t have to worry about any expenses. In fact, she will take care of your expenses too if you want her to do so.
You will learn a lot from older women – an older woman knows how life is and she is experienced too and has many achievements in her life. You will learn lot of things and many life lesions that bright up your future and help you to make a better personality in your life. But teen age girls don’t have any achievements till now and there is nothing new that you can learn from your teen age dating partner.
There are many other things that will make older women a better dating partner in your life as compared to other teen age girls. If you already dating an older woman, I’m quite sure that you are enjoying your older dating to its best.

Benefits of dating a cougar woman

Dating a cougar woman has its own benefits. Many guys among us love to date a cougar woman or give more preference to older women instead of young teen age girls. in past, a relationship between older woman and young guy isn’t considered as a ideal relationship but now things are changed and cougar dating become popular as same as other regular dating. In fact, most young guys love to date a cougar woman and they have their own reasons to date a cougar woman.

Here are some of the best reasons and benefits of cougar dating. If you didn’t date a cougar woman till now, read the entire article and know what you are missing in your life while not dating a cougar woman.

Cougar women are confident – confidence is one of the best required things in everyone’s life. If you are not confident, your life isn’t that easy and you can’t even face many things. Cougar woman are full of confidence and knows exactly what to do and how to do.

Cougar women are independent – at this stage of life, cougar woman are self dependent and knows how to deal with their problems. If you are dating a young teen age girl, you have to take care of her expenses and her friends too but in cougar dating, things are completely change as cougar woman are quite independent and are not depend on you to take care of her expenses. In fact, cougar woman can also bare your expenses too.

Cougar woman are more experienced in bed as compare to young teen age girl – when it comes to sexual pleasure, it is believed that cougar woman are more experienced in bed as compare to young teen age girl. Cougar woman knows what she wants in bed and they won’t be shy in bed for any reason. But young girls are not confident or comfortable in bed when it comes to sexual pleasure. They feel shy and won’t tell their feeling to you.

You will learn a lot from her – cougar woman are experienced and know the world much better than you. You will learn a lot more from them as compare to teen age girls.

Don’t have to make an excuse when you are not available – dating a young teen age girl will make you a busy guy and you have to notify her every time when you are going out or not available or her. You also have to make several phone calls or text messages to impress her or in order to make your relationship healthy. But when you are dating a cougar woman, these things won’t bother you anymore as you are not bound to call or message her on regular bases and also don’t need to tell her where you are going and when you will be back.

If you really want to enjoy your dating and sexual relationship, cougar dating and cougar women are the best for you.

Ways to Have an Excellent Threesome

Many swinger couples are interested in having a couple dating, while few of them know how to have one properly. Here are some tips that may be helpful to you if you are one of them.

Relax yourself, especially if this is your first time. You can have some drink, but not too much. Things can turn trickier after you are drunk. You have to be there to enjoy swinger lifestyle. You don’t want your first threesome hookup to be a hangover. Have a massage. Do something that will make you feel relaxed. It can help you get it started more comfortably.

Remember that you can always quit. If you change your mind or you don’t feel like to continue, you don’t have to. This is really simple. If you feel anxious about it, remember, you can always control it. If you can’t, just stop and give yourself sometime. If you really are not able to continue, that is okay. No one will feel comfortable if you are not.

Keep balance. Having couples dating is a lot more complicated. The third might catch a lot attention from the couple. Out of jealousy, the couple might do thing intentionally that can make each other feel insecure and uncomfortable. The threesome hookup would turn to a fight. However, the hottest threesome would be everyone gets equally attention from each party. You can switch at any time. You can also bring some toys you like.

You are gradually walking out of your comfort zone. There are many things that you may feel not so comfortable about. Just learn to be used to extra body first.

Have a afterward conversation. Make sure this is a healthy and successful threesome, it would be better if you have a nice and long conversation about with your partner after it is finished. Maybe you both like it and want to make it as something you can try once in a while. Maybe it should be something that only occur in the right moment. No matter what it is, it merely depends on the attitude of both of you. This is your life. If there is something that hangs in your mind that you can’t get it over with, please do talk about it. This is the only way to get it through.

Threesome can be something wonderful if it properly played. It is exciting and amazing. You can enjoy it in a relaxed and comfortable way. To make sure it is, you need to do some plan beforehand. Make sure everyone is on the same page and set some rules to make it safer. A successful threesome is supposed to make your sexual life more comfortable and hotter. No matter it is a onetime thing or regular, make sure everyone is having fun.

Useful tips to date a cougar woman Part 1

Dating a cougar woman isn’t that easy. It required lot of things to be a perfect companion for older woman. Dating a older woman is somehow tricky and you have to manage things to make it simple and helpful for you and your cougar partner. Dating is always fun loving and full of excitement that brings some extra spice in your love life.

Not every cougar women are of same type and looking for the same thing from their dating partner. Some are looking for casual dating or one night stand and the joy that a cub will provide them in that single date. Few cougar women are not interested in any sexual encounter in beginning and looking for a long term relationship between a cougar and a cub. No matter to whom you are dating and what exactly your cougar woman wants from you. It is quite sure that you must need some expert tips to make your cougar date a success one. If you haven’t date a cougar woman till yet and it’s being your first time, than it’s sure that you need some expert advice or tips to make your cougar dating a successful one.

Here are the best tips that will certainly help you to impress your cougar woman and will make your cougar date the best one that you can remember for years.

Show her how confident you are – when you are dating an older woman, you must have confidence in you to make the things normal. If you are feeling shy in front of her, than definitely you are not sure about your choice. Either you are confused about cougar dating or maybe you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. You never be a shy or remain the same when you are with a cougar woman. Cougar’s love the boldness in cubs and the confidence that takes them to next level to win their first cougar date.

If you are not confident or your confidence is quite low while dating a cougar woman, you are not a perfect cougar’s cub material. So, if you want to be a best cub for your cougar, it is quite important to show your confidence and excitement when you are spending time with her or going to meet her for the very first time.

Never label or tag an older woman – when you are dating an older woman, it is quite important not to use the term ‘cougar’ for them. We know that cougar is the word for those but some cougar woman are quite sensitive and may feel this term as an insult. So, if you don’t want to face any embarrassing or weird situation, avoid the term cougar in front of your cougar date and never labeled them with any other insulting or disrespecting term.

Dating a cougar is quite different than any other regular dating. So you must know before these things when you are dating a cougar.

Things to do and not while dating an older woman – Cougar Dating

Cougar dating is trending high these days only because of cougar dating online websites and apps. But just like other dating, in cougar dating, there are too some rules and you have to follow those rules if you want to make your cougar date a successful.

Here are few things that you must do while dating a cougar woman and also listed few things that you must not do or say to you cougar woman if you want a success in your cougar date.

Things you must do while dating a cougar woman

Make her feel that you truly love and mad for her – if you really want to date an older woman for long than it’s quite important to make her realize that you are the only one who truly loves her and you are mad about her. Belongs to someone special and be a special for someone is quite an amazing feeling that anyone can have when they are in a relationship. You have to make her feel the same about you and explore your love in ways to impress her not only in bed but with your love, care and attention too

Make the environment full of fun – when you are with her, don’t be always in serious mood and make yourself easy going and cheer her. You must make the environment full of happiness and fun.

Know what she like the most – every person has some interest and likes that they can do anytime. Know the interests or like of your cougar woman and take participate in this. This will help you in creating a healthy, effective and stronger bond between you and your cougar woman and that leads to long term relationship.

Love her – at last, love is the only thing that builds a strong connection between you and your cougar woman. Love her as she is the only one for you and you can’t live without her. Be a mad and show your wildness and true passion toward her while making love or going intimate in bed. To bring the more excitement in bed and in your sexual relationship, include bed games as well if necessary and if she is feeling insecure in getting naked in room because there are wrinkles and aged body marks are visible in her body, let her know that you are beautiful and you truly love her.

Things you must not do while dating a cougar woman

Be a man, don’t show your childish behavior – Cougar woman are mature one and they expect some sort of maturity from their dating partner too. So it’s quite mandatory to behave like a real man and never be act like a child.

Never force her for anything, especially for long term relationship – most cougar women are only looking for casual dating and not for long term relationship. If your cougar woman wants the same from you, never force her for long term relationship.

Best cougar dating app

There are many cougar dating app that claims to be the best in cougar dating industry. However, most of them are not that worthy and having limitations but still they claim to be the best. In our previous post, we already discussed one of the best cougar dating app. Now here’s another cougar dating app that is quite popular as older dating women app.  

Cougar life app

Cougar life app offering services to young cubs and cougar woman since 2008 and till now millions of cougars and young cubs are taking benefits from this amazing cougar dating app. Cougar life claims over 7 million registered users from 2008 and thousands of new user register themselves daily here in cougar life app.

One of the main reasons to make this app so popular among cougar women is, this app is absolutely free for women. Yes, it’s quite correct. Each woman registered themselves in cougar life is absolutely free and don’t have to pay a single penny for any service or membership.

For young cubs, that too are looking forward to be a member of this amazing cougar dating app, have to register themselves by paying member ship fee. This will be monthly, quarterly or half yearly. You can pay as per your choice or requirement.

The best part of this cougar life dating app for men is they can send a text messages for first three women for absolutely free. Cougar dating app is quite popular in USA and UK region and if you are in USA or UK, you can take the benefit of this amazing app for free.

You can also do private photo exchange here in this cougar dating app. Private chat box allow you to share your thoughts and chat with other partner if someone accept your invitation or connect with you. Search filters are amazing and provide you the best search results based on your search terms and requirement.

Cougar life dating app for cougars and young cubs is available for both android and iPhone users and both android and iPhone users can download this app from their respective app store. Android users can download this app from Google play store from here – and iPhone users can also download this amazing app from App store using this direct link –

This app is absolutely free to download and you can register yourself for free of cost.

One of the main drawbacks of this amazing app is, if you want to register yourself, you have to fill a long form and there are many questions that are mandatory and you have to answer those entire questions in order to register yourself and be a member of cougar life app.

Also, this app isn’t allow to connect or login you via using your any of your social media account like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus like the older women dating app. You have to register yourself manually here in this app by browsing signup page of this app.